Color Test - Results

Your Existing Situation

"Is stubborn and strong-willed, once her mind is made up it is impossible to change it. she does not ask for much, so she feels when she does ask her needs should be met."

Your Stress Sources

"Always trying to make a good impression on others, but doubtful she is succeeding. Feels she has the right to everything she hopes and dreams of and becomes annoyed and helpless when things don't go her way. Is troubled by the very thought of failure which leaves her feeling miserable. Always sees herself as the victim as if everyone treats her poorly and she never is given her fair share. Feels her failures are no fault of her own, but due to the shortcomings of others."

Your Restrained Characteristics

Open and emotionally involved in relationships and easily finds satisfaction through sexual activity.

"Self-centered, tends to take this personally and is easily offended, which leaves her feeling isolated."

"Seeking to broaden her horizons and believes her hopes and dreams are realistic. Worries she may not be able to do the things she wants and needs to escape to a peaceful, quiet environment in order to restore her confidence."

"Although she feels isolated and alone, she is afraid of forming deep, meaningful relationships. Is conceited and is easily offended."

Open and emotionally involved in relationships and easily finds satisfaction through sexual activity.

Your Desired Objective

"Feels that nothing can upset her or phase her and is constantly trying to prove that to herself and others. Believes she is better than any weakness. As a result of her beliefs, she comes across as harsh or severe to those around him, with an overbearing and arrogant attitude."

Your Actual Problem

"All energy has been used and she has none left to engage in anymore anxiety or demands. Feeling powerless to change the situation, leaving her frustrated, agitated, irritated, and annoyed with himself. Tries to escape by acting stubbornly sticking to her opinions, but her helplessness leads to some insecurities. Is very sensitive to criticism and easily offended."

Your Actual Problem #2

"Has been disappointed and let down, believes it is pointless to come up with new goals as they will most likely disappoint as well. Needs to be recognized and respected, but is worried about the future. Reacts by avoiding situations where she will be criticizes or others will attempt to influence her. Tries to take charge of the situation by controlling the details and strengthen her position. "

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